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A sexual act in which a mother forces for son to have sex with her.
"No mommy, I don't want to do Pa Wa!"

by DildoOfDarkness August 19, 2016
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A writer with a charming wit and sense of humour. Usually sarcastic and blunt.
Boy 1- Why are all the girls going after that new guy in college?

Boy 2- forget it dude, he must be a Pawas
by Lolwa May 25, 2014
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PAWA: -noun (pah-wah) abbreviated term for Pre-Monday Anticipatory Work-related Anxiety, a non-specific anxiety disorder characterized by insomnia, panic attacks, and/or an overall sense of unease leading up to the start of a work week. PAWA most commonly occurs prior to a particulary important presentation or work-related task but can become a chronic condition when experienced during a fauxmotion or while under the supervision of a DB boss. Cures include: self-medication, securing new gainful employment or punching your DB boss in the face.
Jane: Why are you getting so worked up, Athena? Its Sunday night, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Athena: I can't, Jane. I suffer from PAWA and am constantly having these anxiety attacks thinking about the work week ahead. I wish my boss weren't such a DB, then I could enjoy my weekend.
by AthenaAteAphrodite March 14, 2010
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