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In relation to the Liv Syndrome.
The PW gene acts as a kind of upgrade to the Liv Syndrome, although its effects are unpredictable. At times its shown to actually cure the Liv Syndrome temporarily for anything from 30secs to 3 minuites(Length of an orgasm), but more likely, it could have permanent mental damage.
It can also act as a carrier to the Male gender, although its effects between male and female differentiate.

The gene orginates in crackwhores who live in liverpool. Its actual origins are unknown to us (But S.W.4.R.M are investigating as this is a crisis we wish to solve). Once the crackwhore has its offspring, Its effect on male and female genders differ.

Male: The added tendency to love superman, loner, thinks he knows alot, threatens without purpose, is afraid of S.W.4.R.M (The gene is self aware and self sustaining)

Female (Adolescent)(Without Liv Syndrome): Tendency to listen to bad music (Backstreet boys), Uncontrollable sexual fantasies, is afraid of S.W.4.R.M (The gene is self aware and self sustaining), Acts religous, works in argos.

Female (Fully Grown)(Without Liv Syndrome): Desire to have multi couple relationships, Addiction to KJ jelly.

Female (Adolescent)(With Liv Syndrome): The need to intercource multiplies 5 fold due to the need to reach a euphoria and escape a reality.
"Your a PW"
"F**k off PW"
"Leave my C**k alone"
"Your carring the PW gene...Want Intercourse?"
"Leave me alone, I want to wow..."
"I wish you didnt carry the PW gene"
by TREX666 July 12, 2006
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