Periodic Man Syndrome

The act of a person (usually female, more common mildly in men) to once a month become very angry at everything, resembling the stereotypical view of men.
-Dude, you're being a dick.-
-Oh... Sorry. Just some PMS.-
by JNg13 October 16, 2010
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A time when all men should proceed immediately to the bar
'Dude, that girls pmsing, get in the car quick!'

'Whatcha doin' here?'
'My wife is PMSing and...Oh shit take over I think that bitch is coming' *all men haul ass to nearest exit while PMSing women storms into room*
by DDD May 13, 2004
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The time between when a woman ovulates and the first days of her menstrual period.

A socially constructed phenomenon used by women everywhere as an excuse to bitch!

The excrutiating menstrual pain caused by uterine muscles contracting is very real.

Mood swings, bitchy-ness etc are not!!


and no, I'm not PMSing.
by j0813 March 11, 2005
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some thing girls have because their uterus is screaming at thier brain to go out, get fucked, and have a baby.
and it makes them angry.
DOOD!!! that chick is PMSing really bad better stay away.
by Fredrica Hief May 08, 2005
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PUTTING up with MEN'S SHIT (feminine)
PACK MY SHIT (masculine)
by Aunt/Aunteater January 03, 2004
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pioneer middle school, a hell hole of a place, but u gotta learn...haha...lol...bs
at PMS we got 6 periods a day
by max December 04, 2004
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Pi ssed off at
M ankind
S yndrome.

Occurs a little before or during a girl's period. It basically makes you feel like crap for anywhere from 2 to 5 days.
Let me put it this way, if men had to deal with this, the international suicide rate would be a lot higher.

It can causes any or many of the following symptoms: mood swings, low self esteem, headaches, cramps from Hell, bloating, snapiness, fatigue, muscle/joint aches, food cravings, heightened thirst, nausea, stomachaches, more frequent crying, insomnia, boob tenderness, acne break outs, or even nightmares.

I don't suggest teasing your girlfriend while she's go through this.

Girls may celebrate its completion with ice cream.
Jeez, PMS blows. This headache's been going on all day!

Dude, don't mess with Stacy right now, she's PMSing. She'll bite your head off!
by The Wondering Wanderer October 04, 2011
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