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PIV Sex.

An Evil dirty act of violence and hatred towards anyone with a Vagina.
Leads to childbirth Yet another disgusting dreadful unnatural immoral act designed to enslave women !
And force them to serve men by staying home cooking and cleaning and caring for unneeded offspring while they go out at night to drink beer, play cards ,go bowling or whatever Bullcrap story they tell you to sneak off with their sleazy little go go dancer HIV positive mistress with the big tits.
Our vagina's aren't your playgrounds any more !

If you want a hole to stick that thing into then go get a pocket pussy !
We're Not gonna take it anymore , We are sick of it !

Furthermore If you want babies go adopt one of those filthy little dumpster babies at any orphanage.
If you love your daughters sew their clams shut for the sake of decency !
PIV sex. is sadistic and immoral ! violence , harm to women .
PIV sex = When men think their not rapists , But they ARE !
And don't even forget about Lorena Bobbitt she is an american hero.
PIV Sex ? that is sooo medieval . that's was back before woman's lib.
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by Lobster babies March 01, 2018
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