when piss flaps have a overly wet feeling, possibly after sex
I was banging away and I couldn't get any traction, she has such soggy piss flaps, I just wilted.
by jaffaw July 14, 2009
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An over-sized labia as viewed from the rear, especially if the owner is into watersports.
I was expecting gormet sushi, but all I got were these salty piss flaps!
by Testiclese Giganticus April 21, 2003
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When one piss flap is larger than the other.
She had one small piss flap and the other was one of those elongated piss flaps. All long and shit...
by nockcose February 13, 2016
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Her pork chop piss flaps were still covered with broccoli. I'm a fucking pork chop piss flaps. I fucking love my pork chop piss flaps. I swear to Jehub that my pork chop piss flaps were on fire. I love my piss flaps.
by Jehub October 18, 2003
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The ancient art of plucking ones public hair from the labium.
Are you engaging in piss flap plucking again?
by Lady queefa June 11, 2019
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