Large pussy lips that hangs down in a woman like wonderful meat curtains. The best for sucking. Usualy has to be spread with the fingers during the act of pissing, to avoid weting herself.
She had to peel her pissflaps with her fingers before pissing.
by zebedeux January 22, 2007
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Man, I really had to spread Mindy's piss flaps to give her oral sex last night.
by W54th8x July 26, 2010
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your cunt lips man, what did you think?
My piss flaps were extra cheesy this month time for some vagisil
by smashed bag of assholes January 07, 2007
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Old saggy vadge lips or abnormally huge labia majoras; mythical cunt lips on women of loose morals. Piss Lips are what most busted old whores end up with in the putird old age of 60 and up...
Your mothers piss flaps are a dark black on the outer edges, blending into a dark brown going in and finally a rashy-pink at her sad dry entrance.

She needs to stop pissing in the river, her piss flaps will catch parsitic cheese!
by Blu Finger April 06, 2008
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The feminine way of directing urine toward the bowl.
She sat, and her piss flaps chattered
by jadio u no August 14, 2003
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used in a game of pissflaps and ballsack... 1 guy says ballsack the other has to say pissflaps louder then the first guy says ballsack even louder again until 1 is too embarrassed to continue (or passes out.. u know.. which ever suits)

this game works best on public transportatin (ie. bus) or restaurants
guy1 "pissflaps"
guy2 "ballsack"
guy2 "BALLSACK!"
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