An annoying chick's voice when she won't stop talkin'
"Shut your piss flaps, ho!"
by Sweet ass Val May 10, 2004
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A term used when things don't really go your way. For example, when you're playing a computer game and you get shot JUST before you win, and then you realised you didn't save it.

Originated in Alnwick, Northumberland (ENGLAND)
"PISS FLAPS, I can't believe that bloody guard killed me again!"
by JohnWScott April 10, 2006
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Someone who thinks they’re top shit because they’re upper class or privileged. These people take that for granted and are usually the most moronic people you will ever meet. Everything they say is like piss coming out their flap Of a mouth, hence piss flap.
“That rich old piss flap Mary is bragging about her dumbass new Ferrari”.
by Bigracksbitch June 18, 2020
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The luscious protruding inner lips of a woman's vagina which is men’s favorite part to suck on during oral sex.
These inner lips are particularly sensitive and touching them makes the woman orgasm.
The inner lips of some genetically blessed women grow larger during puberty.
The inner labia of the majority of women more or less protrude beyond the outer labia but since the protruding lips are considered too sexy (too graphic) for soft porn, the guidelines mandate digital removal of these parts before getting them published. So virgin guys who are used to jerking off to porn pussies are not aware of this trait of real-life pussies.
1.My girl’s piss flaps can kiss my dick at the same time she’s kissing my lips. It makes me and her madly horny!!!

2.I love rolling my wife’s piss flaps around in my mouth. Sucking on those juicy pussy-lips sends me and her to heaven!

3.Mike doesn’t know how sex works. I laughed so hard at that virgin dude when he said he thought girls can get their piss flaps stretched out during sex hahaaaaaa
by smartyass March 24, 2010
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a person who maybe under the influence of alcohol or other illicit drugs
outputs a barrage of nonsensical words and/or sentences
agrepy drongtheness chips
by Chris Pfeiffer November 5, 2004
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Derogatory term for a woman's vagina . Also enhances the word Cunt.
Shut your cunting piss flaps Sally!!!!

My ex-girlfriend had the biggest cunting piss flaps in the entire country.

Bobby Sue slipped And fell on her cunting piss flaps.
by John Misfit August 7, 2012
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