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A rejection letter received after an unsuccessful job interview. Also applicable for any polite-but-final rejection.

Origin: An acronym of "Please F--k Off"
"Remember we auditioned for the Middle-a-nowhere opera company last week? Did you hear back from them yet?"

"Yeah, I got a PFO a couple of days ago."
by Ken Hoover February 20, 2004
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Please Fuck Off

A polite but demeaning and contentious way of telling another person to simply 'fuck off'.
Via text message:

Paul: Can i take you on another date?
Martha: No.
Pauk: Please, i promise not to grab your tit again.
Martha: PFO.
by Ray_Bens December 28, 2012
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Abbreviation Party for One

When someone drinks by themselves to oblivion or when someone dines out alone
Wow look at all the empties.... Seanie boy must have had a bangin PFO last night I bet he sleeps til Tuesday

Server 1- Can you take that PFO on table 20?

Server 2 - Wow that dude eats here by himself all the time! I respect his courage since his girl bounced.

Server 1- Yeah .... I can't deal with that misery today
by Boxedagain December 29, 2015
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An explanation of injuries resulting from a drunken accident.

Abbreviation of "Pissed, Fell Over" (in the British / Australian usage)
"Hey, what happened to you? How did you get those bruises all over your knees?"

"Oh you know, the usual - Saturday night PFO!"
by jumbelina January 28, 2008
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"I gonna pfo, I've been awake for more than 24 hours"

I'm gonna go home and pfo."
by randomname11 May 26, 2008
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Paranoid Freak Out. An episode of mental hysteria, brought on by ingesting a cocktail of psycoactive drugs.
"That Scottish Cunty was having another PFO"
by Dark March 13, 2008
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meaning if you're pfo'd you are permanently fucked off. aint got nothing coming. you fucked yourself. ;)
you're pfo dude. you crossed the line and there aint no going back.
by urworstnitemareagin April 24, 2011
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