An orginization who routinely breaks laws to promote animal rights by going into fur stores and placing pamphlets in pockets, DUMPING BLOOD ON PEOPLE EATING MEAT, and abusing store managers who tell them to stop.

They will never listen to any opinion you have about animal rights, unless it is: OMG!!1!!111 LIK SAVE TEH ANIMALZ!!1!!!!1! They are also renowned for having the most opressive forums known to man. A simple post of a not strict vegan/vegetarian ideal is taboo here, and no matter what topic it is about, will be called trolling by people who cant even spell the phrase "i think your a lazy apethatic earth expliottinh hore." They will never accept your ideas, and even the most cunning argument will shrink in the face of their cunning responses of: OmMmggGG!!!1!11!!!!1 YoU R t3eH sUuUuUuXXUxxUxxoOoOr.
ME: Hi guys! im new, and i would like to ask a question. Well, i eat meat, but only because the animal has already been killed. I figure that if i eat it it wont make that much of a difference, besides ensuring that the animal died for a purpose. Since i am eating meat from an animal that was already killed, i cannot do anything about this, which means i should stop whining about how sad everything is, and chow down. But, just because i eat dead animals, does not mean i disrespect live ones. I am for alive animal's rights, not dead one's


ZOozReval: Troll UR A FUCKING TROLL (not mentioining the fact that i have over 100 posts credited to my name)

Fer=Saten: i think your a lazy apethatic earth expliottinh hore. all meat eartrs ar dumb eh????!?@!

VVVVVeegie: no mattr wat you think yu r stell a murderar
(the list goes on and on, but i would never sentance you to such a mind numbing torture)
by Mr. "Left Wing" February 05, 2005
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A vegetarian/vegan group of people who mean well but often go about it wrong. They shouldn't destroy things. Then they, themselves, are wasteful.

I am a vegetarian myself, but I would not join PETA for the above reasons.
PETA may not be smart, but their cause is a good one.
by Chrissi January 31, 2004
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originally People for Environmental Treatment of Animals. But can be used to piss vegetarians off and say People who Eat Tasty Animals.
Vegetarian Susan: are u part of PETA?
Bob: Hell yeah! im a person who luvs to eat tasty animals!!

*Bob will more than likely be slappped. hard.

by jason265 July 13, 2010
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Pornstars for the ethical treatment of animals
Dude #1: Did you know that Jenna Jameson is a supporter of PETA?

Dude #2: No wonder why they call it "PETA"!!!!!!
by Rosi Faulds September 17, 2009
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aan organization that stands for

PETA took my dog im so scared!
by shawn im so kool May 24, 2005
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1. People For Ethical Treatment of Animals. Peta is an organization that has the right idea about animals, but is not right about anything else. Peta has strong opinions and does not take ANY other point of view.
by Danapal July 07, 2005
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