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(noun) Someone who is such an avid gamer, particularly in network games or MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) - such a typical game might be "World of Warcraft".

The term specifically refers to the act of such a gamer keeping a PET Bottle within arm's reach of his gaming computer for use to relieve himself (although it is possible that this game might be a female, the limitations of anatomy might make the matter much more complicated for her than simply running to the bathroom).

Such a person is often a very accomplished gamer, having spent thousands of hours grinding levels to get only the best equipment in his electronic, virtual universe.

However, most people who have jobs and other normal, day-to-day responsibilities will look upon the PET Bottler as a game addict at best, and a complete loser at worst.
Mike is such a PET Bottler - he spent all of last weekend leveling and then camping The UberBunny of Doom to get the Carrot of Un-Ending Game Subscription Fees.
by HeatDeath March 06, 2010
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