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PBM - is a definitive term meaning Poor Bitch Mentailty

Ex: a person has grown up in a poor impoverished family , going without material luxury and opulence in their growing adolescent years . When the person grows up , becomes educated and well to go they amerce themselves in fine clothing , fancy cars, jewelry , furs , ect. Leaving behind and shedding any trace of their former life and self as a PK -(poor kid) . This used to be somewhat referred to as Nouvaue Riche

Today it is PBM
PBM { Poor Bitch Mentality }
Did you see her new Mercedes Benz ? Yes I know she has PBM!
What's that ?
" She was so poor growing up they had to sleep in the family van " now she has PBM

{ poor bitch mentality}
Oh yeah she does !
by Cece Oooo October 11, 2017
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