P.A.M : Peyronies Asshat Mangina

When one has reached an age past 35 and was once engaged in a high risk profession, and that person turns his back on his peers for money or other consideration and spouts off at the mouth for no rational reason. One suffers from P.A.M.
" That ass suffers from P.A.M. "

" What a shitheel, he's obviously has P.A.M. "
by Antimuj March 30, 2006
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Man all ken does is bitch about the job. He will now be known as P.A.M.
by Knckledrgger April 16, 2017
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Getting to fuck all holes with a girl. (Pussy, ass, mouth).
Hey I just saw my bro Neil. He got the P.A.M treatment from Stacy last night
by smikes90 July 09, 2018
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It stands for “Peg All Men.” An alternative for K.A.M.
p1: P.A.M.
p2: pam?
p1: peg all men
by sydney nightcore August 12, 2021
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P.A.M. was made in relevance to K.A.M. or KAM. (Meaning kill all men). When you say you want to PAM, this means that you want to Peg all men. It shows that you don't want to kill the men, just peg them.
Tas said she is going to P.A.M.
by wnchcstcr August 11, 2020
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