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P'ing the B's aka powdering the balls. One should always use baby powder when p'ing the b's. P'ing the B's is the greatest way to relieve sweaty ballsack syndrome which can cause itchiness or potential ball stickage to legs, and keeps your ballsack smelling fresh all day.

There are two exact methods behind P'ing the B's. Once the powder is acquired, one must make sure that one's balls are completely dry. The first method, the shake and pour, is performed by simply pouring desired amount of powder into the groin area and shaking in order to remove excess. The shake and pour method does not require wash after use, but is mostly for amateurs. The more advanced method is called the Arnold PALM-er, or the palm method for short. In order to perform the palm method, one must pour desired amount of powder into palm of hand and pat the powder directly on the ballsack. The palm method is only for avid P'ing the B's users as it eliminates excess powder fallout but does require post P'ing the B's handwash.

P'ing the B's should be a part of any guy's daily routine. The most prime times to P the B's are after a shower, before going out, before bed, and always. Avoid sweaty balls and P the B's daily my friends.
Tyler: Yo dudes have you guys seen my Johnson & Johnson, its hot as hell out and my balls have been stuck to my leg all day.
Colin: Yeah sorry dude it's in my room. It was Luke's first time and I was instructing him on how to properly P the B's using the Arnold PALM-er method.
Luke: I owe you my life for introducing me to P'ing the B's, my balls feel great.
by Tyler "P-ing the B's" Burn April 28, 2011
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