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Located in the shittiest, smallest town you can think of, also known as “cowtown” or “oxhood”. Full of white people, white supremacists, white potheads who act like they’re black, and a crazy superintendent/principal duo. Trump supporter central. Mostly rich kids who are completely sheltered to the world. Most kids graduate from here and stay in Ct their whole lives. Opioid problems, overdoses, shitty parties, judgemental people, lightweights, vape central and crazy bitches. Known for rivalry with Seymour high. Wins one game and acts like they’re undefeated when in reality all the sports teams suck. Most likely to win an award for “most kids peaked in highschool” or “least school spirit”
Oh you go to Oxford High School Ct? Wait.. where even is that?”
by cowtown101 May 03, 2018
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