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Owen Cooper is awesome. He is a guy you can trust. When you date him you will find him to be loyal, accepting, and caring. You will fall in love with him and he will support you, never use you or take advantage of you. He is sensitive, tall, handsome, and well built. He is great in bed.
It’s hard to forget since Owen Cooper gave you so much to remember.
by Tiara_w July 31, 2018
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Owen dates a lot of girls and is a fuckboy. He is a liar and you can not trust him. If you decide to date him because his words make you fall for him, then good luck. Because he is not loyal, gets jealous too easily, and is wayyyyyy too overprotective it’s crazy! Do not date an Owen Cooper!! He make you fall for him so that he will just use you and then drop you so he can find a new girl. He doesn’t have feelings and he’s a hoe and ugly and way too skinny. He also has a really small penis.
Did you date Owen Cooper? Why???!!
by 🤣X January 29, 2018
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