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Ottumwa, Iowa is a small, shitty town on the southeastern side of Iowa..
It's called the "City of Bridges" even though there are only three main bridges, they're pretty small, and they hover over a dirty-ass brown river known as the "Des Moines River"
There are like, seven elementary schools and Ottumwa High School, or OHS, is probably one of the worst places in Ottumwa..
It's literally full of nothing but wanna-be preps, jocks, drama nerds, sluts, druggies, illegal Mexicans, wanna-be gangs, and trash
There are such a small amount of "normal" people that attend OHS and yes, I am fortunately one of them..
They tried to build a fuckin' casino here and it, of course, got denied..

They should've tried to build something more productive and entertaining like a "roller rink"..
As soon as I graduate I'm getting the fuck outta here!!
Yeah, Ottumwa, Iowa sucks....

Some people here call Ottumwa O-Town..
Umm.. O-Town is for Orlando and Orlando only..
Trying to throw in some other place's name to try and give a shitty little town a "cool" nickname won't get it anywhere..
by Get Me Out of Ottumwa May 26, 2010
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