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Overall a decent middle school with shitty bathrooms, hoes, untrustworthy people, teachers that single out certain kids for no reason, and some of the dumbest rules you can think of. Even the staff can be snakes. This school has its perks but it can also be a living hell. Bringing things from out of school to school punishment. Kids from the school constantly getting probation and put in juvenile detention. Although it's not the best, it could be way worse. Other than what I've mentioned there are some good people that I've met in this school (teachers and students). Let's just say it's not a terrible school.
Kid: I'm going to Otto Middle School next year!

Kid going to another school:

Good luck buddy...
by Kid That Went There August 02, 2017
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this school is the biggest ass school ever. it’s upped of girls who think they’re cool but are really conceited af. they can’t shut up about how good their school is.
wow, otto middle school is so huge!
by Bowmansucksss January 14, 2018
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