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A frozen popsicle treat that comes in a long plastic tube. It's like one of those push-pops only better, because it's the dessert of choice for otters worldwide. Like crack on a summer day, only it's legal. Don't forget to drink the juices after you're done!
Some women in Alaska choose to pleasure themselves with otter pops because they're used to frozen Eskimo cawk and they crave it at inopportune times.
Description of taste: Sex and Candy
Little Timmy: "Watching Sally suck on that otter pop is making my pants heavier and I like it."

Bill Cosby: "WAH-HUH-DUB-DEEDLE-DIP-DOO, say, why don't they make otter pops in puddin' flava?"
by Aviator518 November 15, 2008
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Otter Pops are a brand of frozen snack sold in the United States. The product consists of a plastic tube filled with flavored quick freezing liquid, which after being frozen is sliced open, and the ice is eaten out of the top of the tube, like a popsicle without a stick.

Otter Pops come in six flavors, each named after a different character:

* Louie-Bloo Raspberry
* Strawberry Short Kook
* Sir Isaac Lime
* Poncho Punch (originally Rip Van Lemon until the1970s)
* Alexander the Grape
* Little Orphan Orange
hey you. don't touch my otter pops. give me back my Sir Issac Lime you son of a bitch.
by sgonjdh June 27, 2006
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1) A term used to describe a good looking chick that you don't know. The term is often associated with the color they are wearing when one spots them.

2) A term used to describe a good looking chick by associating her with an otter pop color that one enjoys.

Dude: Red otter pop 12 o' clock.

Friend: Damnnnnnn


Dude: Check that orange otter pop over.
Friend: She's more of a purple otter pop if you get what I am saying.
by nvrthkboutwakinup January 09, 2010
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It's sex and heaven and miracles and awesomeness all blended together and frozen in a tube. Never forget to push out and eat the top part and eat it. If you cut it down the middle you can share it with a friend but who tf would want to share?!?!? The sides cut your mouth but it's all worth it. The juice is one of the best parts, mix blue juice and green juice and it tastes nice.
by heckin' August 12, 2018
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An otter's - hairy, thin, gale male's - penis. Often used in reference to fellatio.
I am going to go unwrap a couple otterpops and get my protein for the day.
by Hene August 06, 2007
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