Otherkin is a spirituality in which one believes that they are the reincarnation of an animal. There's also a community who believe they are connected to space, called spacekin, and a community called fictionkin who are drawn to fictional characters.

Sometimes used as a coping method for mentally ill teenagers.
The otherkin community is overall very accepting and caring, albeit the ridicule they receive from twelve year old white boys who don't even know what otherkin is.
"I came out as otherkin yesterday, the otherkin community seems great."
by afauninaflowercrown March 30, 2015
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Coming up with a consistent definition for Otherkin is near impossible, even when collaborating with only Otherkin. I recently had an argument in the Otherkin Wikipedia article (a mature one), as they want to merge it with Therianthropy. Therianthropy is the belief that they are, specifically, in one way or another, animals (correct me if I'm wrong, Therans). Not all Otherkin believe so. For example, I have, for all but a select few of my lives, been pretty much everything but any animal-related 'kin. Therefore, I found the definition unjustified. Many will agree. I brought this up because a number of Otherkin supported that merging. Of course, those Otherkin were Dragons, wolves, and the like. Truth be told, Otherkin can be just as ignorant as humans. It's not fair to single out humans, which would be just as those Otherkin who choose to do so (not pointing anyone out - simply making the point for those who read this).
From a scientific standpoint, however, Otherkin are met with more problems than any religious group on the planet. A quote from the Wikipedia article:
Otherkin Wikipedia Article wrote:
According to diagnosis criteria put forth by mental health professionals, the belief that one is an animal or can be turned into an animal is termed clinical lycanthropy5, a delusion of varying severity and significance.
This is, of course, because those "mental health professionals" take part in their religions, so their diagnostic of themselves would be severely bias.
So it'll be quite a while before everyone can agree on what Otherkin really is, an whether or not they truly exist. One of my goals is to find some way to change that - but looking at how things are going, that will not be any time soon.
By the way, the most commonly used definition of otherkin: Otherkin are races of beings that do not have a native origin on earth. They are often discussed in myths and legends, and are not regarded to be real by the modern scientific and historic community. These include the popular types of kin (slang for Otherkin), such as Dragons, Vampires, Elves, Fairies, etc.
Anne realised she was otherkin because she had painful memories of her family being killed in another life, as another being not on Earth.
by Clodaus January 16, 2007
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Otherkin are wacky furries who hate the environment and have a marked inability to use proper spelling, punctuation, etc. If they are here for a purpose, that purpose would seem to be to inspire the building of more prisons for the criminally insane.

Otherkin insist that they are not human, so, though still illegal, hunting them for sport should not be considered murder.
"Jeff, I bagged a dragon and two vampires today! How about you?"

"It wasn't a great day for hunting otherkin, Rob. All I got was this lousy half-elf, half-angel."
by otherkinhater August 05, 2006
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People who are psycotic hypocrites. (they thing things humanity does are bad and try to solve them USEING the bad ways)
They tend to hang out with animals more than humans and they feel a spirtual connection with animals.(there is really no connection it is really their warped mind)
They also beleve they were once an animal in there preveious life (what the hell makes them so damn sure, your memory of your previous life does not come with you)
Understanding otherkin is like trying to understand an autistic child, you will never understand these people.
by Mundane Shawn March 13, 2005
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Otherkin (n)

Literal meaning; Kindred to 'other'
Shorthand; 'Kin. (also used as a Suffix)

The Otherkin phenomenon is a young idea, being primarily silent as a concept until the mid to late 80s, coinciding with the popularization of the internet. And so internal understanding, interpretation, and methodology is fluid and actively debated. This malleable nature of understanding acts to confound concrete definition beyond the following general concept:

"'Otherkin' is an individual or community of individuals that Self-identify as being not completely human, or having been inhuman in a past life/incarnation. This idea is quantified through a combination of Personal and Shared Gnosis." It is a personal recognition of the enduring influence of a non-human aspect (Which can include terrestrial fauna, non-terrestrial fauna, incorporeal/spiritual entities, and mythical beings). Typically sourced in recognition of subtle influences to personality and/or behavioral predisposition. In some cases reference is also made to spiritual talent or natural aptitude towards specific practices. Particularly Shamanism/animism.

Otherkin may be loosely compared to other spiritual and philosophical ideas rooted in Shared Personal Gnosis and spiritual Self-realization such as Starseeds, Drop-ins, indigo children, and other practices based in modern new-age concepts.
Full term; "I once lived s a dragon, and so now I call myself an Otherkin."
Shorthand; "I am a part of the 'kin communities."
As a suffix; "I once lived as a lion, And so now I call myself a Lion-kin."
by Spiritrunner December 19, 2017
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A mental disorder in which a person thinks they're another (often mythological) animal stuck in a human body. Popular otherkin species include fox, dragon, elf, unicorn, and cat.
We admitted an otherkin patient into the psychiatric ward yesterday, and he's being treated for a variation of schizophrenia.
by DanielSan123 January 30, 2017
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1. Beings Who BELIEVE TO have the soul from their previous life in their now human host, who still contain memories of their past life or of thier true beings.

2. Beings Who DO HAVE a soul from a previous life and is now in a human host, who DO in fact contain memories of thier past life and thier true beings.

3. For the people out there who belive that otherkin are tree huggers and hippies thats a load of rubbish, they are just beings trying to help out, they wouldnt do anything stupid like protest against people destroying the enviroment or anything, they destroy the enviroment and polute things and burn things too.

p.s. anyone who thinks otherkin are just people sitting behind a computer making up stuff to be cool, or were emotionally distressed so make up stories are freaken retards, otherkin arent like that they are nothing like furrys either, furrys are people who dress up as animals and talk about sex most of the time, otherkin are spiritual and furrys are just pretending to be animals. so if you hate otherkin and think they are mentally ill or the same as furrys or hippies then go eat out your mum because you have no idea what your talking about.Also They dont all belive that they can use magic and spells and stuff like that you idiots, get a life go find something else to poke fun at like christianity.
1. Bob: "Hey Joe i think i have memories of my past life as a wolf"
Joe: "hey thats great bob, how about we get some fish 'n' chips"
Bob: "nah i dont belive in eating fish anymore Joe"
Joe:"oh yeah?"
*Joe points at fish 'n' chips shop*
Bob: oh i spose i can eat that still even though i think it probably isnt otherkin of me. (otherkin eat animals they do what ever they want, they arent all vegetarian and stuff u noobs)

2. Aerill: "Hey Arlius I have memories of my previous life and true being"
Arlius: "Really wow, what was it like, i have memories like that also, but what were yours like?"
Aerill: "i would rather not talk about it, i would rather do something that i want to do like burn rubbish bins"
Arlius: "Cool can i come?"

3. Zetath: "I'll cover you in petrol and light you on fire and make u run around in a dry forest"
by Therion Turmirur April 29, 2006
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