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This west suburb, once a small farm town, rapidly changed into a mini-Naperville over the course of a couple years. The divide between social classes in teens is very apparent:

(1) redneck farmers that live close to Plainfield, who smoke newps and eat taco bell

(2) the kids from upper-class conservative families (who were forced to play summer football and cheerleading as 2 year olds in extremely hot weather conditions- many collapsed and died but the ones who made it make up a large portion of the jocks with severe internal trauma that translates to everyone else as unmatchable drive combined with a superiority complex) who smoke minimal newps and eat taco bell on the weekends

(3) the white-trash from Boulder Hill who smoke newps and eat the most taco bell (on account of their proximity to the Montgomery location)

(4) the super ghetto mexican/black/wigers and their families who most likely attend Oswego East High School but technically live in Aurora- almost all are associated with a "gang", smoke the most newps, and have the taco bell hookups (free shit)

(5) the stoners/scenesters and who desperately want to be hipsters but they smoke newps and eat taco bell, so they cannot

(6) social misfits who don't smoke or eat fast food and truly suck major balls.

Since 2007, there has been an eerie number of teen deaths.

Along with this outrageous number of deaths, there is also an overwhelming amount of teen pregnancies/mothers from every social class.
Mr. William: Oh, you are a teenager from Oswego, IL?

Billiam: Yes...

Mr. William: Did you know you have a 98.5% higher chance that you will die in a strange accident or have a child before you are 20?

Billiam: Yeh, I knows it.
by BILLIAM MURPHY May 28, 2010
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