The act of escaping a Mexican cartel while abandoning the very same friend who boosted you over the fence.
I don’t trust that guy homes, he look like an Oscar.
by Fresca2.sizzle June 13, 2019
A cute sexy guy with sexy abs and sense of style .Treats girls nice. He is sweet .Likes cute and hot girls. Loves Camila the girl he really likes.
Girls:oh my god he is such an Oscar

Oscar :Sorry girls im only interested in Camila.
by 6ykid October 5, 2011
One of the coolest people you will ever meet, obviously filled with swagger.
Wow! I wish that I was cool enough to be one of Oscar's friends.
by KOVVVV October 22, 2015
An Asian kid with glasses and a cool haircut that's longer on one side. Most Oscars are good/think they are good at economics and football, often preferring to spend their time gaming instead of doing actual work; and they happen to be quite good at most games they play.
An Oscar is sociable but not too popular with the ladies - but they are in fact very chivalrous on the inside! They would let a girl in front of them in a race if they felt it appropriate.
You know that Oscar fella'? Ain't he an amazing guy?
by AtomicDictionary October 22, 2020
Oscar is a person who loves to work and make money and sleep and expects everything to be done from another person.He is a hard worker with a great smile and is Latin
He is a Oscar at work
by Cocopuffsandmilk December 16, 2017
A man who doesn’t cheat or hurts it’s partner and a man to believe and trust .
Oscar is loyal all I can say .
by Psertrt January 25, 2018