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the most amazing person ever. he is friendly smart, sexy, loyal, trust worthy.he can make your day with just his smile. his feelings are sincere and sexy. he will never break your heart because when he falls in love his feelings are real and honest. he will never cheat on you. he will not lie to you to get what he wants. he will always count on you and show you his true feelings. he can be very funny at times. he protects the women that he loves from everything even if the world is on his shoulders . he will always fight for what he believes in even if he see no hope in them he still tries his best. he will always have the right thing to say at the right moments. he is bound and handsome. always looking ans smelling good. his girlfriend loves him to death because she is very affortunately to have him. no one can do it better than Oscar because anything he does he does right and amazing. he is genuine and peaceful. great kisser, he can make your lips soo soft and smooth you'll never get tired of kissing him. He can be quite and shy at first but as time passes and he gains trust in you he gives in and tells you everything. he can be very sexual and perverted at times but his girl loves it. when he is with his loves ones he is the same. does not change his attitude with no one. very smart always making good choices. the most important person in his girlfriends life. she loves him to death no matter what <3
i love you Oscar Rivera.

have i ever told you that the way you do love to me makes me crazy and makes me want to love you more
by urBoo<3 December 10, 2011
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