Top definition ass Mexican. of the sweetest guys ever.
3.hes a player, dates everybody at the school.
4.smokes hella weed.
5.failed a grade...or two maybe.
6.likes to give and get hugs.
7.reallyyyyy unique name of a really unique guy.
8.any relationship with him...prolly wont last long.
9.gets boredd easily.
10.kinda dark skinned to be a mexican.
11.not very tall but doesnt look like the type of guy you want to mess with if your a guy.
12.has other sexy mexican brothers
13.pretty great guy, but kinda bipolar at times
14.i could write a book on him and i barely know him.
Girl one: OMG who is that sexy ass mexican?
Girl two: IDK Mia but I am going to get me some of that!
Orvelin: Ladies,,,I can hear you!!......wanna go out?? Im a whore!!!!!!!!!!!!
by i love mexicans bitchessss November 15, 2011
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