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A religion that is a revival of the worship of Orpheus.
He was a mortal poet and musician. His music was so beatiful that it entranced humans, gods and even animals.

When his wife Eurydice died he was so grife stricken he was alowed to desend into the underworld to bring her back. But he was warned not to turn around and look at her till they reached the Earth plane but he did anyway and she desended back into the underworld.
When he was in the underworld he learned the mysteries of the spiritual plane. That is why he is worshiped, because of his great knowledge.
Poetry written by him and/or in his name give instructions on how to purify the soul and how to have a happy afterlife and formulae for a safe journey.

In the Orphic religion it is said that dionysis wought the titan giants and was wounded and died, and was eaten by them,but the god Athene was able to save his heart which she gave to Zeus who swallowed it and absorbed his spiritual essance into his body and then fathered him with Semele. And so dionysis is called the twice born.
Zeus killed the Titan giants with thunderbolts for killing Dionysis, and the Orphic religion teaches that the human race sprang from the Titan's remains.
And that is why the human race rebels against the gods and at the same time have a divine spark from the flesh of Dionysis.
In the Orphic religion the underworld is a place of regeneration and rebirth through reincarnation until spiritual purity is reached.
He's into Orpheus worship.
by Judge dredd7 August 13, 2011
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