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Internet term for "Oh, really now?"
used as more of a joke than a question in most cases. It originated from an internet meme The orly owl and was carried off into various slang and/or leetspeak (1337).
A good example of where this term may be used is the popular website, 4chan (since most internet memes were basically generated from 4chan).

The usual response to this phrase is Yarly or Ya rly.
Person one: Hey, Joe. I just got the new maps for halo 3.
Person two: Orly nao?
Person one: Yarly.
by Brendles teh d3f1n3z0r July 20, 2008
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A chatspeak term representing the phrase, "Oh really now." Can be used in place of ORLY. Common responses include: yarly "yes really".
A: I like oranges.
by Super Orange October 29, 2006
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