Also Kel's favorite beverage ("The Kenan and Kel show")
No example is needed for this definition
by "Incubex" June 20, 2005
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one of Treasure's best songs
everyone loves Orange, if you don't love it then you should listen to it again
person A: I don't like Orange by Treasure
person B: Elisa, you're tasteless!
by Lu💜 November 08, 2020
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To use ones authority to obstruct someone as pay pack for failing to support.

For example in September 2013 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's staff orange-coned Ft. Lee, New Jersey as pay back because the mayor of Ft. Lee failed to support Christie for Governor. In this case, orange cones were literally used to obstruct 3 lanes of the George Washington Bridge (GWB) into Manhattan from Ft. Lee : victimizing countless innocent commuters, causing dangerous gridlock and endangering public safety.

Fatty had NO IDEA .... yeah-right-Get-the-fuck-outta-heer !
Patti : Why are the restrooms nearest to our desks "Closed Until Further Notice" ?

Tony: We got orange-coned by Alex the janitor because I promoted Tyrell to be Chief Custodian instead of him. Now Alex says he's doing a "Plumbing Study".

Patti: I gotta pee !
by joedaprogramma January 11, 2014
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A virus that usually is a precursor for Covid-19 Virus.
You can’t think intelligently, You wear Stupid Red Hats, You don’t ever wear mask, you believe everything Trump says
You ain’t going to the Trump rally, you’ll catch the orange virus.
You know Supporters of #DPOTUS that attend Super Spreader Events/ Rally’s that don’t Social distance, wear masks or wash/disinfect their hands catch it.
DPOTUS Is the epicenter of this super spreader event. That’s why he’s

by Yuri Shatski October 16, 2020
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When you drink so much that your body becomes severely dehydrated and your piss turns orange
Dude, he drank so much yesterday that this morning he was hitting orange
by badcock96 December 31, 2017
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The color orange that resembles Trumps spray tan
That wood stain you got isn't natural, it's Trump orange!
by BuzzTom August 26, 2017
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A series of YouTube videos featuring an orange with eyes and a mouth who, in each episode, annoys either some other food, or in some episodes, an object (such as a football).

Most of the videos have a gimmick that whatever food the Orange is annoying eventually gets killed by either being knifed or eaten by a person whose face is never shown.

When each video is over, a question appears that YouTube users can answer via comment. Usually, the question is related to the video.
Annoying Orange: "Hey! I'm an orange!"
by FerrariCarr May 22, 2010
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