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A Clockwork Orange is a dystopian satirical black comedy novel by Anthony Burgess. It was published in 1962. It's about a teenager named Alex and his gang called "Droogs". They do crimes such as rape, murder, etc. There is a word that Alex refers as "ultra-violence" meaning they use excessive or extreme violence for their crimes. A Clockwork Orange later got an adaptation directed by the legendary Stanley Kubrick. It was released in 1971. It received positive reviews. Alex was portrayed by Malcolm McDowell. National Film Registry lists the movie as "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant". A Clockwork Orange remains as a pop culture icon through the years.
"I don't know why people don't like A Clockwork Orange. It's good to be honest."
by streetnightshift March 11, 2021
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The ugliest person alive some say. An Alex Orange Martin is a homeless person who lives in a bin behind IKEA in Manchester. He sneaks into the library to play video games and yell at his "friends" who he insults to make himself feel better. He does not have any real friends but some pretend to be his friend couse they feel bad for him.
I would hate to be a Alex Orange Martin
by CheekiSwede February 24, 2017
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Arausio was a local Celtic water god who gave his name to the town of Arausio (Orange) in southern Gaul, as attested to by ancient inscriptions.

The modern name of both the city and the family that established itself there, the House of Orange-Nassau, is a corrupted version of the Celtic word Arausio. In the Middle Ages, the name of the city was conflated in French and Late Latin with another word, orange.
1. Arausio (Orange) is such a hero! A king! A God!

2. Arausio (Orange) had named the Orange city after him.
by Arausio September 4, 2022
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When your cousin eats a whole bag of Cheetos and then gives you a dry handjob.
My cousin Sheila just ate a whole bag a Cheetos then gave me the worst Arkansas Orange Roughy I’ve ever had!!
by The Playroom’s On Fire September 25, 2021
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