A sexual act in the back of an Orange Julius. May be offered when a drink has been bought at the front, in the form of a note with a napkin.
That Kayla whore gave me an Orange Julius in the back of her work. Shit was so cash.
by ShawnDaddy1 July 06, 2010
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The act of hammering an orange up somebody's anus, and then having them use their anal muscles to squeeze the juice from the orange into a glass. The juice can be consumed or disposed of.
Man, I sure could go for an Orange Julius} right about now.
by Exploratory_Bubbles July 14, 2017
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n. The act of pitching a fruity beverage at someone on a bicycle, while speeding past in a car. This act is often initiated by disgruntled boyfriends towards their girlfriends.
Justin: Angie would not let me date other guys, so I gave her the orange julius while she was riding to work today.

Friend of justin: fo' shizzle!

Justin: And the best part is, I have that stupid girl so whipped, I'll still be probing her asshole tonight!

Friend of Justin: Word up!...and BTW quit talkin' and more suckin...oh yeah.
by waltermitty October 28, 2004
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A scatological act in which one participant defecates in the mouth of another, and the receiver subsequently consumes a chaser of orange juice.
Did you see Nate spew his Sunny D after Ian gave him an Orange Julius?
by urbanmeyer May 06, 2008
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An adjective to describe something that you would gladly take for free but wouldn’t pay for with your own money.

An example would be when you go to Dairy Queen and an employee

asks if you want an orange julius that they made and no one claimed. You wouldn’t pay for it but you would gladly take it for free.

Synonym: okay, subpar
1. The concert was orange Julius.
2. These shoes are orange julius.
by CaptinDangerNoodle December 20, 2017
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