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A stereotypical soccer mom residing in Orange County, California that drives a huge SUV, and has children with pretentious hipster names like Keaton, Colton, and Tiffany. She drives her children in an expensive gas-wasting SUV, and Their SUV's have stickers like "War Is Not the Answer" or "United We Stand", although they consistently vote republican. She does not have a job and spends most of the day at the beauty salon or buying useless shit at the shopping mall with his husband's money, who is usually never home.
That Mercedes Benz SUV, who cut me off and ran a red light while drinking a Starbucks Latte, is a Orange County Mom.

The Orange County Mom was late picking Brad up from his Soccer Tournament because she was out spending his husband's dough.
by partyrockstar222 April 27, 2016
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