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The increasingly popular trend of trying to appear as oppressed and disadvantaged as humanly possible. Originating on tumblr, the movement has now become more mainstream and can be found all over social media and in real life. Most common in SJWs and moody teenagers on instagram.
Jenny: As a lesromantic, pansexual trans woman, I find this post highly offensive.
Lars: Um excuse me? Iā€™m a black, gay, non-binary Muslim from a third world country, check your privilege.

Tiara: Wow, what is this the oppression Olympics!!??
by rickjeems February 24, 2018
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Oppression Olympics is layman's terms for pisssing contest. In this case with the SJWs or Social Justice Warrioris to see who is more "oppressed" in today's society in spite of great strides of equal rights and actual diversity. In reality people who participate are in oppression olympics are too overtly previlaged themselves to see how good everything is and how more open minded people these days,But there are myriads of reasons why SJWs are playing these game but this one of most obvious example
Look at all of those Transtrenders playing oppression Olympics on Tumblr.
by ryukage99 October 25, 2017
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term that describes but rejects as false the phenomenon whereby activists against prejudice towards one group will attempt to position that prejudice as "worse" than the prejudice faced by another group
We get nowhere as feminists if we engage in the Oppression Olympics.
by Allison Amy April 29, 2008
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When the Left tries to out-left the last Left, resulting in a zero-sum competition over who is the least privileged.
"Man, it was a real Oppression Olympics in the quad on campus today. LBTGQ+ against Black Lives Matter over which was more offensive, and therefore, criminal: the university's refusal to let students who identify as unicorns use the campus lawns as their preferred restrooms or it's recognition of Columbus Day AKA Straight White American Man Day. I heard several professors are getting fired for discrimination."
by inlivingcolor September 18, 2018
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The term non-black people of color use when confronted with the fact that anti-blackness is universal and is present with their own communities.

When black people stop acting like everyone's mule for other races who oppress them this term is sure to come out.
Black person: I am tired of the treatment that I suffer at the hands of everyone, even other POC who can't accept that anti-blackness exists in their communities and so try to equate their oppression to mine as a rebuttal.

Nb-POC: Well we all suffer. Stop trying to play Oppression Olympics and accept that we all have it bad.

Black person: But saying that ignores the global problem that is anti-blackness in favor for the "we all have it bad" narrative-- you know what? Never mind.
by Blackrightup December 06, 2017
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