Most commonly used word in the Midwest. Mainly used when surprised, or have been or bumped into someone. Sometimes saying it for no reason. Scientists are still trying to find the origins of this mysterious word
Ope, didn't know you were there guy
Ope, Jimmy how ya been
Ope, just passin through
by Mr.soggystorm November 02, 2020
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guy1: "i got her good"
guy2: "You gave her that O.P.E.?"
guy1: yessirrr
by Babeemous3 November 13, 2020
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An interjection used by Midwesterners to express surprise. Can also be used to acknowledge another person or thing.

“Ope” is pronounced similar to “up”, which can often lead to confusion with non-midwesterners.
“Ope! Sorry I bumped into you. Can I squeeze by real quick?”

“Ope, dropped the ranch!”
“Holy shit that car just ran the red light!” “Ope, the cops are already after him!”
by I like cheez-it September 15, 2020
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A very sweet boy with no tolerance to bad vibes, Ope is tall and a very defensive type of person , a very hard-working boy and also very intelligent.

Ope finds the opposite sex very attractive but he is very shy around them
Mr Johnson is always acting like an Ope
He has the behaviour of an ope
by Mr khlan February 02, 2020
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When you get called out for something silly.
You: Looks up favorite youtuber
Youtuber: Reviewing dumb "VSCO" products!
Comments: VSCO girls have entered the chat
You: Realizes that's you
You: "Ope!"
by Notmetho September 03, 2019
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A very handsome guy with an amazing smile usually rich also doesn't care about much he just likes real girls especially hot ones he's amazing
Oh my Godddd that guy is such an ope
by Passioninblack June 15, 2020
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