surprised or a weird saying of “oop”
“omg shaniqua your boyfriend is cheating on you!”
“omg ope. imma confront him”
by yeehawbro August 02, 2019
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Is a man who will become on of the greats of the world. He will become a legend of the world and go to the NBA and break the ankles of anyone who stands up to him. Also, all woman want to be with him and all men want to be him.
"Bro did that man just break lebron james' ankles"

" yeah he must be a Ope"
by Boboreals September 22, 2018
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A instinctive reaction when you see a chick and you immediately know you would.

Often followed by staring at said chick with hand in a fist shape covering ones mouth.
:See a fine chick walking:
OPE! She go!
by Amoneyies August 05, 2010
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Ope, a lady of diversity when it comes to character. Extremely patient and generous. Ope serves u based on wat u bring to d table. She's reserved, not easily manipulated. She hardly shows her true personality, but she is absolutely smart and extraordinary beautiful. Ope has that smile dat shines light at the end of the tunnel. Ope is someone that is small and portable. Ope is creative. Ope is a cool person to be with, though she can be shy at times.
#Beautiful #Smart #Creative
#BestSmile #Smallie
Ope is that one person that never gets tired of smiling.
by Unknown somebori March 28, 2017
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An odd or ugly look directed at another person.
As a verb: "Don't you ope at me man, it's your fault you failed the test."

As a noun: "You had best wipe that ope off yo face before I bust yo kneecaps motherfucker!"
by Jt September 02, 2005
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A gimp; a wearer of rubber outfits. Origin unknown
"And hence forth Judas was cast from the group of disciples, and aloft the heavens did open and there came the voice of our Lord, and he did proclaim "Thou art but an Ope!". John Ch 7 Verse 14
by Tim Rawnsley May 11, 2004
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