A person who screws,plays,or intentionally messes up your pull game or relationship with someone negatively.
You a opp.
Yall all ops.
I don't hang with ops.
Get out of here opp.
by Leonard valsin July 28, 2016
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That is overpowered, strong, or crazy. Also can be used to describe something that is ridiculous.
Me: Wow dude your computer is fast.
Friend: Yeah, dude its OP

Man I wish I can go play but I have to do my chores. Chores OP.
by HertelTheTurtle January 11, 2016
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1. Overpowered (usually in a video game, in which a person or group becomes or is too powerful; has become very popular in the mmorpg crowd)

2. Original Poster (in forum-style collection of comment; the first person to comment or POST)

3. Operation (usually occurring in military gaming)

4. Operation 2 (second half of co-op or cooperation)
5. Opening. Usually refering to the opening song of an anime.
1. "Paladins have become way too overpowered!"

2. "Why is everyone getting so angry, the op was obviously kidding?!"

3. "In COD4 I always play spec-ops (special operations)it's the only way to roll."

4. "I love halo because it supports co-op!"
5. "I love Full Metal Alcamist's op!"
by KaPande December 18, 2018
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over powered. Used for something that is hard to beat or defeate
Dude, this gun is so op.
by Penadan April 10, 2017
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