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The soft, tender flesh at the base of the anus. Commonly referred to as the "hole of wonder," the oos peet is a reservoir of typically untapped sexual power. When activated, instant climax is reached which is said to top any orgasm experienced up to that time. The term derives from "ass pit" and years of use have shaped it into the more commonly used term "oos peet".
Nick: "Melanie, why don't you ever finger my oos peet during sex?"

Melanie: "I think it's kinda weird to put my finger up your asshole."

Nick: "Don't be such a bitch, if you love me then you would finger muh oos peet. It feels better than you could imagine."

Melanie: "I'll do it if you promise to come to my sister's girl scout ceremony on Sunday and eat a whole pack of skittles out of my vagina."

Nick: "It's a deal."
by A Concerned Veteran May 02, 2011
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