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There are several variations to this dirty little limerick. I recited a slightly different version when I was a child in the 1970s:
Oom Chucka Willie from the coconut grove, he was a mean mother fucker, you could tell by his clothes.

He wore a black leather jacket and a hairy ass, between his balls there was a ton of grass.

He lined a hundred girls against the wall, swore to the devil he would fuck them all.

When he got to 99 he had to stop, his penis and balls were about to pop.

When he got to the doctor the doctor said,"Oom Chucka Willie your balls are dead".

So when he got down to hell, he was feeling swell. Fucked the devil, and his wife as well.

On his tombstone, written in green: "Oom Chucka Willie--the Mean Mother Fucking Machine".
by piratemaxx August 05, 2008
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