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When you roll a blunt for self and self only,( other-wise known as dome blunt, blunt to the head, cabbage/lettuce blunt, etc.) and stub it at the length of your choice of cigarette. After you finish getting that mental up, you place the blunt into your cig pack. The Origin is as follows.
Dude 1 : Man I'm in dire need of a blunt, I'm all coming down and what-not
Dude 2 : Shady, too bad you don't have an Ooh Blunt
Dude 1 : What's an Ooh Blunt?
Dude 2: It's when you open your pack and you see a lil' brown cig and say "ooooh blunt. =)"
by DutchMastaKilla November 17, 2009
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