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Only the best snipur clan in the world of MLG’s. They are often compared to that of FaZe, which could be the only other to beat them, if they had the balls to do it. The Oof clan is composed of multiple gamers known as Tomas, Clayton, Micah, Samson, Nate, Nick, OJ, Bryce, and Nathan. These sexy beast get all the Ash and Twitchies they want. Many wish they could be them, but none can succeed in their tryouts that take place on the U.S.S. Bekfast. This tryout composes of singing the Mickey Mouse March and quick-scoping. This was founded clan was founded by their leaders Mexican_Snipur(Tomas) and Capt_Deadpool473(Micah).
The Oof Clan is the best snipur clan.
by Capt_Deadpool473 July 06, 2018
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