"Where are you?"
"I'm over here!"
or in response
"I'm coming!"
If a group gets separated they could yell "OODIE OODIE ODIE" until they find each other
by B0BBY D September 26, 2008
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she is a candy coated bear who is very cute, and she is currently the girlfriend of dopey dwarf who did not want her raised by humans
by oodie's grandmother April 22, 2003
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a term to describe the parts of a female to perform intercourse with in a derogatory manner. Oody pertaining to vagina and Doody to Anus
"She better give me some oody doody soon...it's been like 6 months!'
by MitNee August 04, 2010
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A group of friends who can count on each other to pick them up when there knocked down and give them a positive look on life
I wasn't feelin like myself today so I called up the Oodie squad to help out
by Jamal Tomlin March 31, 2015
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My dad literally 2 seconds ago: opens my door and says oodie doodie

Me: ok so the food is ready :)
by Hi I'm oodie doodie February 13, 2021
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