Probably the gayest word in the english dictionary. It is one of few words that has 4 vowels in succession. Wow isnt that amazing? But on the other hand it is when a word sounds the way it is spelt...

What a gay word
Hmmm this word doesnt sound like the way it is spelt...
Damien is a really big fuckin gay...

Damien sounds like 'Daymeeun'
Really sounds like 'Rirtly' (Sort of)

The way in which onomatopoeia is spelt sounds like 'uyfhgfdsffvgfgh'
by Oliver the Great November 18, 2006
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Sound effects on paper,(See Example) or a non censorable way to say SHIT!!! When you say Ca-Ca, instead.
"My Heart went Bang Shang A Lang-"
an ancient and yucko song by The Archies, by the same name.
by J. Michael Reiter. August 21, 2003
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How am I supposed to know what this means? This is Urban Dictionary, not Dictionary.com. You've lost a few brain cells over the week if you're really here looking for this word.
Who would even use this word in a sentence? Onomatopoeia means... I honestly don't even know.
by ItzYeeter March 11, 2021
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her onomatopoeia, while we were doing anal, was "huhhhh yes daddy fuck me huhhhhh!"
by hey....BITCH May 05, 2018
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A device used to describe a sound of something, often used in poetry as a poetic device.
Onomatopoeia used in sentences:
ex 1. - "The car *shhwshhd* past David when he was walking down the road."
ex 2. - "The bee *buzzed* in the garden."
by YTAZURE February 18, 2016
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