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the film on top of her skin the morning after the Filthy Cumslut was the star of the Bukkake party.
Theiland: "Hey Smelly wats all over your face?"
Smelly: "Huh? Oh that's just Onion Skin from last night"
Jorde: "Ooooooo God Whyyyyy (Hyperventating Crying bitchboy noises"
Theiland: "God Damnit WTF, why don't I ever get invited to this shit?"
Smelly: "Same Reason Cry baby over there doesn't, duh! Your Fuckin Bald Bitch! Now excuse me while I go fart cum on the toilet, it's beginning to run down my thighs so it's time!"
by Vendetta Fist November 01, 2017
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Onion skin is beautiful white skin which is coveted in countries like the Philippines.
Joann’s dad did not want her to ruin her onion skin if she fell off her bike her skin would get dark and bruised. So she wasnt allowed to ride a bike.
by Sam Moj June 02, 2008
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