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Pirating something online, which is technically stealing. Comes from the phrase five finger discount, however, with pirating only a mouse click is required.
I got the one finger discount on the latest season of Game of Thrones. Let's meet up at my place later and watch a couple episodes.
by thepiratebay August 07, 2013
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A one finger discount is similar to a five finger discount, Except Instead of stealing something from a regular store you steal an item from a dollar store.
Young Jimmy got a one finger discount ... Too bad he got caught and got a one dollar legal fee he has to pay.
by TheWhiteDeath10 July 07, 2017
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Like the "five finger Discount", meaning to steal or shoplift except you give the shopkeep the middle finger as you walk out the door with the stolen item. A very blatant and uncaring way to steal.
As Brad loaded his pockets with chips and beer from the horrible little bodega, the shop owner started yelling and threatened to call the cops. Brad quickly gave the man the One Finger Discount and jumped in the waiting van and the punks sped away.
by PittpunkFo February 23, 2018
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