Drunk, wasted, pissed, under the influence of any intoxicating substance (alcohol, narcotic).
Jesus, did you see Pieman on Saturday night?! He was completely bongoed!
by Zo0 August 21, 2006
(n) (Usually large) female breasts.
Man, check out the bongos on that heet!
by keyshaw May 12, 2004
Fighting technique used for many centuries consisting of multiple slaps to the top of the head of your opponent, you are not allowed to hit anywhere else but the top of the head.
Myles and Kaden decided to settle their dispute with a match of Bongo.
by BongoMaster4 July 4, 2020
A pair of small drums (one slightly larger than the other) normally associated with beatniks. Bongos however, are commonly used in Latin and Afro-Cuban music. If you decide to invest in bongos, be aware that people around you think that they are good at playing them.. this can be fixed by taking your bongos back and hammering a sexy beat with different methods (e.g. slap, muted slap, rim shot, thumb, fingers, etc.)
Bob: Dude, can I see your bongos?
Charles: sure...
(Bob plays a beat with no rhythm, tempo, repetition, etc.)
Bob: Man, I own at this!
Charles: yeah, right...
by thisisnotapseudonym February 9, 2009
Graphic representation of the reproductive act, or close approximations of said activity.
Alternately known as porn pr0n XXX or Hardcore
Send us your funny websites, but no Bongo or Snuff please
by Team Bongo July 29, 2004
The act of repeatingly hitting a broken computer or other electronic device that occasionally restores functionality for unknown reasons.
Person 1: my xbox got the red ring of death!
Person 2: try bongos! That always works!
by BigJ25! July 3, 2009