On dirt: meaning when someone's information is bullshit. They're getting they're facts off of dirt (gossip). People who are on dirt are usually some loud ass motherrfuckahs; can't keep their mouth shut from saying shit they hear.
- "I hear Lisa's mom's a milf!"
- "Ummm, hell no her mom's ugly as fuck. You on dirt yo!"

-"Have you heard all these bitches talkin' shit about you?"
-"Yeah, whatever i don't care...they on dirt."
by aywhaddup October 28, 2011
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To disregard, discredit, or disrespect.

Throwing dirt on someones name.

*Though used in Canada, it is not only Western Canadian slang. It is used commonly in the US ranging widely from NY to California since the late 70's (if not before that).

It is also a popular word in the U.K.
Me: What happened to your eye?

John: Mikey and I got into a fight over Cecilia and he snuffed me in the face.

Me: Wait, what? Cecilia that girl you've been dating?

John: Yep.

Me: Wow and he was supposed to be your homeboy too... Damn you were dirted hardcore.

John: I know he shitted on me, but paybacks a bitch.
by Crystella Marie April 22, 2009
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When someone is thinking dirty and, you don’t know how to say it.
by Ziah salês April 20, 2021
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Criminal Activity. Slang for illlegal ways to make money. "Doing dirt." To; Rob some body, Slang drugs, pimp bitches.
Sean: Yo, You gonna do some dirt tonight?
Bob: Yeah, I might hit up some cars. You in?
by Chiefpenguin March 27, 2008
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1) adj - describes a person, or action that is immoral or despicable.

2) verb - the action of performing an immoral deed
Person 1: "then I totally drank the whole lot without him knowing and pretended to replace it with another bottle I'd actually stolen from him that same day"
Person 2: ".... you're dirt"

Person 1: "Dude, you're in my seat!"
Person 2: "Three second rule, man"
Person 1: "Lame, you totally dirted me"
by the cap May 28, 2008
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