Olli is a nice guy with successful career. He is ambitious, competitive, smart and tall. Olli is a liar but not good at lying. You should be aware if you date exclusively with an Olli. He may has other lovers at the same time. Olli is always a player but with a tiny dxxk.
Girl A: how's the night with X?
Girl B: he's an Olli
by NicoleBB November 27, 2021
A homosaphian and a sexual predetor
Olli was chasing me cause he is a sexual preditor
by asdfghjklkjhgtrfdfghjcyt542QYT October 19, 2021
The man that everyone wants to be. He doesn’t want to make any enemies. It wasn’t the nicest thing to say. Run away from him. The man that’s been listed several times. He is a lister.
by Shakanzbs March 24, 2021
A weird stalker who simps over one girl constantly following and waiting outside her house after she shows no interest in dating him

Also his cock is never full
Ollie dann sent that girl he simps over a picture of his cock saying it wasn't full and she blocked him
by Jakefarthing September 13, 2020
ollie adoption day is the day my cat oliver got adopted, please make it a national holiday. August 3rd! Please make oliver famous he is really fat and cute:)
by Slayqueen20205027 August 3, 2022
He is an animal that has a diet of monster energy and crusty bedroom pot noodles. he goes by many names including: mollie, dead dog, Pete, Dan Dan, fat Sahara, Sarah’s got a mole, retard, Lennie, mascara eyes, stolen bike, burned car, Eddie stobart. He is an individual struck by misfortune his car got set on fire and he just cried. His bike has been stolen more times than you have had hot dinners. He is very passive and can be identified by his can collecting fetish or the distinct smell of sour cream Pringles. He should never be trusted to drive as he once wrapped his car round a tree. In his spare time Ollie likes to play with his ‘girlfriends’ penis he is called Elise. Ollie likes to believe he is very cleaver that’s why he decided to smoke spice however Ollie is destined to work in an mot specialist garage.
Omg your cars on fire what a Ollie Thomas
by Mollie Thomas February 23, 2020
A young girl who stinks like absolute shit and has no friends because every time she talks, her breath makes people Pass out. Lastly Ollie h is a big footed little bitch. This big bitch is always cussing someone out.
Ew look at ollie h over there kicking her him over again 🙄
by L 2 savvy September 7, 2020