The sexiest person out there and everyone wants to fuck him. He is also really funny and has a huge penis
Ollie is so hot, I'd really like him to have sex with me.
by O.D scientist June 24, 2021
Big dick gets women no fear sick at rugby and wears a beanie
I saw Ollie on the top off a church making out with a girl
by Obzee January 26, 2021
Super sexy all the ladys love him and he always pulls bitches
by Capybaraman June 7, 2022
A weird discord guy with a tiny korean penis.
There's Ollie
by Glassjawrx August 26, 2022
He has the biggestyou know whatI’m the world
Why are Ollie’s are always packing it
by Iwkdjwokdke January 20, 2019
To get drunk, throw up, and fall asleep before 6pm.
I completely Ollied on two ciders last night.
by jqweiop[rjp[qwe July 26, 2022