A person who you can ALWAYS count on, and isn't full of herself and she's constantly thinking of others. She knows what you're feeling and helps you with whatever you need help with. Even though she doesn't know it, she's beautiful and always will be. She doesn't pretend to be someone else and can bring enemies together and magically make them best friends even though Olivia will actually always be your best friend. She has the perfect sense of humor and.....
I could go on forever. You'll wish she was your sister after three minutes you met her. She's just perfect in every way.
Person 1: I met the most amazing person ever yesterday!!!

Person 2: was their name Olivia?
Person 1: yeah, how did you know?

Person 2: because all perfect people are named Olivia. :)
by Sahara Kitty November 19, 2016
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This girls is quite shy and so strange it's funny. She is very protective of her things including her friends. Beautiful and kind are the first words that come in mind when you think of Olivia. With her friends she's always laughing but when she's not with them she can be quite serious. Her heart is pure and filled with laughter thank you god for all the Olivia's out there.
Why are you so smiley.
Olivia freaked when I touched her pencil lol
by BubbleJ July 20, 2015
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A beautiful, kind hearted girl who has a great sense of humor, really funny too! She has a really good attitude and is always happy! she loves to help others and is very athletic and very well rounded with everything! Not to mention Olivia's can be real weirdos!!
I love that new girl olivia
I know she's awesome!
by AlexK960 January 13, 2015
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Olivia is an awesome girl that is super pretty and she is kind hearted.If you ever meet a Olivia you will like her trust me just like I do.She is probably the best girlfriend that you will ever have.#Awesome
Olivia's are very pretty
by Gman Plays September 27, 2016
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1. An amazing name for a beautiful young lady.
"That Olivia sure knows how to make a person laugh."
by ToTheMoonAndBack May 13, 2015
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Olivia is one of the sweetest, funniest, kindest, smartest, and most random, honest and considerate person in the world. I love her too death for so many different reasons. One of those reasons is that she doesn't lower herself too other people's level when they stupidly make judgements on her without knowing her. In fact Olivia's are often so gorgeous and amazing that people make rude and harsh comments because they get so jealous of how perfect Olivia's seem. Olivia's are very intelligent and will always be there to make you smile and give you a confidence boost when your feeling upset. She's a great girl and she needs a great guy because anyone would be lucky to have her. I love her too the moon x infinity and back, you should too.
P.S. If I hear one more person talking bad about Olivia I am going to scream and punch a hole in the wall. Lay the frick off. If you're talking crap about her you obviously don't know her. No matter how many walls she might put up, her life is not perfect, nobody's is. The last thing Olivia needs is for anyone to lower her self esteem. Olivia is great girl and if you don't agree with that its your problem not hers, so shut the frick up because your opinion doesn't matter.
Guy 1: I wish Olivia was my girlfriend
Guy 2: Yeah, but an amazing girl like that would never go for a guy like me.
Guy 3: If I only had the courage to ask her out.
Guy 4: Me too.
Guy 5: Me three. But she's so beautiful I know she wouldn't say yes.
Guy 6: And talk about smart!
Guy 7: Olivia is so WONDERFUL!!!
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The most beautiful pretty smart amazing (sometimes rude and annoying) but over all the best person you will meet and if your lucky enough she will like you for who you are she can be mean at time but that just who she is and you have to love her for who she is.
by Sjjsbrjdjsb January 31, 2018
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