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A case when a non-olive person is attracted to people of "olive" descent. People of Olive Descent include: Middle Easterns , North Africans, Arabs, Balkans and most Southern Europeans (Italians, Greeks, Spaniards, Etc.) Most who have olive fever are attracted to the thick, dark and curly hair of the olive people. Olive Fever is usually treated by having some sort of relationship with an olive person, it is cured if one is satisfied while or after the random type of relationship.
Boy #1: That guy has mad Olive Fever!

Boy #2: Why?
Boy #1: She has never dated anyone who was not Arab.
by thegoatwhoisgreat2000 October 22, 2017
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Someone who is exclusively or primarily sexually attracted to people from the Mediterranean area of Europe (i.e. Italian, Turkish, Spanish, Greek). The combination of dark curly hair, big brown eyes, olive skin, and a well defined butt usually stimulate these people.
"I went to Sicily and came back with a serious case of Olive Fever."
by FRESHShaZaM December 14, 2015
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