A brand of clothes that are usually worn by preppy bitches. They provide people with the high self esteem that MTV wishes them to have. Founded in 1995, all old navy stores should be destroyed.
Wow look, I'm better than tose people because I am wearing my Old Navy sweater vest, my Old Navy Cargo Pants, My old navy visor, my Old navy socks, and My old navy underwear.
by Ryan April 04, 2004
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Leah: "Lauren, your stupid, old navy shoes are leaving beads all over the floor. I thought it was a blueberry but then I realized it was just your cheap ass shoes falling apart."
Lauren: "don't make fun of me b/c i'm poor."
by macarroonie September 19, 2008
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a horribley ugly clothing store, for poor familys that live it A. a trailer park, or B. a broken down home. if you just stopped being homeless, i could see you shopping their. owned by gap, a very ugly store as well, but about three steps below it.i would like to make it very clear that, PREPS DO NOT SHOP AT OLD NAVY. some posers say those fake moose polos are from abercrombie, but i personally do NOT talk to people that wear old navy, for the most part.it is only acceptable for upper-middle class fathers, the kind that think their funny. if you happen to come along to a trip their the ONLY thing acceptable to buy is flip-flops, but i personally would never do that. i dont care if their clothes feel like heaven, THEIR HORRIBLEY, HORRIBLEY UGLY. just pointing this out.
old navy girl= "Hey you guys, look at my new hollister polo. it cost like 500 dollars!"

true prep= "uhh. thats a deer. hollister's symbol is a seagull"

old navy girl= "oh did i say hollister? i meant abercrombie. its their new moose."

true prep= "no...and clothes dont cost 500 dollars, poser..."
by kccc =] May 13, 2007
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