Somebody that took too many drugs during their preteen and teenage years rendering them not able to enjoy life later on.
Jasmine: Hey Lisa, wanna go to my friends 21st birthday? It will be super fun and plenty of people will be there.

Lisa: Nah, no thanks. I'm just like so over that period of my life.

Jasmine: but who am I gonna go with then? It's not my fault you started getting fucked up and hanging out with 25 year olds at age 12.

Lisa: that's really not it, I'm just an old soul.

Jasmine: you're 19.
by Monseuir Mayhem May 29, 2017
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They don't do anything trendy. They can't stand ONE random conversation. If you aren't a loner introvert, they don't like you. They think they are baddass but really, they are just dumb.
by your are ugly May 23, 2019
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Old Soul with a New Butthole is a middle aged man who has his anus medically sewed tighter to be more appealing.
He was just Ray, now he's an Old Soul with a New Butthole.
by LethalSeamen March 6, 2022
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I dont have a definiton but the definiton for this is really stupid
Me- My back hurts

Flipout- Thats called having an old soul
by Maddenisgoodname April 10, 2021
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Jade is so old but she so sweet. She has a old sweet soul.
by Jkddnhd April 14, 2020
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