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A gay male who wants to date someone and not just hookup on the first meeting. Said man would love to go on many dates and get to know the other human-being he's sitting across from. Essentially the "old fashioned gay" wants to " court" their potential mate and find what " makes them tick". The OFG is not interested in any form of Hookup, even if presented the chance. The OFG is a rare breed and the KOG( kind of guy) your mother wants for you and the KOG you want to bring home to meet the family and friends. The OFG is slow in the beginning but once he knows you, be prepared to have your world rocked! THE OFG: Timeless.......... gram em when you find em, and husband them up before someone finds them. Because, you; have just landed, the illusive; OFG.
Joe is going to bring Dan to that new car museum that's opening today, Dan mentioned on their first date that he(Dan) loves old muscle cars, so Joe secretly bought opening day tickets for them months in advance. Man Joe is such an Old fashioned gay, who else would remember that from a first date?
by informyoself July 07, 2014
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