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An old cafateria hag is a "person" that roams around the cafateria-her swamp and gets mad at people for being there and she or it chasses people down while rideing a broom screatching get out me swamp. This hag also is a cunt who yells at a group of bad kids and threatens them to go to the office but when other groups do it she just says stop. This hag alsothinks she is the king of the lunch room.

This hag is also refered as a bitch. A bitch ass wrinkly hand hag. It keeps us crammed in a little section like sardines. It is a segragationist.

It does this because it needs to have space to roll around
Hay did you see that old cafateria hag engulf the table today at lunch.

That old cafateria hag is a fucking cunt.
by Djfjdhdhglhkgjegehfnc May 23, 2017
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